Modern Cosmic Horror – A Weekend Workshop with Premee Mohamed

When: June 1 – 2, 2024 @ 4PM – 7PM UTC (click here to convert to your timezone)
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Where: Online over Zoom
Price:  50 – 100 USD (Scholarships available!)

It can be difficult to craft effective cosmic horror. How do you build a suitably powerful, incomprehensible antagonist and maintain the sense of enormity and scale throughout the narrative? How do you do that while also keeping up the stakes and tension for your characters? And avoiding some of the stale tropes that plague the genre’s foundational works?

In this two-day class, award-winning author Premee Mohamed will go beyond tentacled gods and non-euclidean geometries to explore not only the history of cosmic horror, its whys and hows, but also its modern transformation, especially in the hands of marginalised writers. We’ll also touch on how various media can add to the form, from video games to audio dramas and beyond.

Through in-class discussion and with Premee’s instruction, you’ll learn how to use the tools, techniques, and storytelling forms that will allow you to craft the unsettling stories of your heart.

Please note that this class will be recorded.

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