POC Short Fiction in Anthologies, Collections and Indie Pubs

With this post I’m all caught up with the short fiction published through July 2009 that I’m aware of. I only separated out anthologies, collections and etc. this time around to make my job a bit easier. Going forward, I’ll list all the short fiction in a month together.




And there we have it. Caught up to July 2009. Now, going forward, if you’d like to alert me of short fiction coming out in an anthology, magazine, or as its own volume, please let me know by filling out this form.

I also encourage any POC who’s had short fiction published in 2009 or 2008 to please go to the Carl Brandon Society wiki and add your fiction. We’re trying to create a comprehensive list but we’ll need help from the community. Also, you don’t have to add only your own fiction. If you know an author is POC and read a story b them, check and see if it’s on the wiki. If you’re an editor, please take part, too.