SF/F Artists of Color

In the midst of recent discussions of Fantasy art, I saw a comment or two about the paucity of people of color depicted on the covers and in the pages of prominent genre magazines. It’s true that I often see more white faces than not, and I suspect that the artists themselves are often not POC (though one major exception is Frank Wu, a Hugo award-winning artist of fabulousness).

In order to provide a helpful guide for those interested in expanding their horizons when it comes to art and artists, I invite readers to post links to the portfolios of their favorite POC artists in the comments. It’s okay if you want to link to your own work as well! At the end of this week I’ll pick some to feature in a post. And, of course, I’ll add the names and links to the CBS wiki.

I’ll start off by pointing to one of my very favorite artists: Sanjana Baijnath. If you ever visited Fantasy Magazine in the first year after our redesign and saw the fairy girl on the header, you’ve seen Sanjana’s work.

I showed you mine, now show me yours…