January and February Short Fiction

I know I promised this last week, sorry! With this post I’m now done listing short fiction from magazines. My next task is to list short fiction published in anthologies and probably also individually published short fiction. Now that I’m all caught up it won’t take me so long to do this each month 🙂


  • Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast by Eugie Foster in Interzone


As I mentioned, the stories I list here will also go up on the Carl Brandon wiki when I have the time. However, you don’t need to wait for me — add them yourself! If I’ve missed any 2009 stories by POC, please add them to the wiki.

Also, be sure to check out March/April and May/June/July as I’ve added new listings.

And finally: we’ve fixed the issue where individual posts could not be linked to. Thanks to everyone who pointed it out and helped us resolve it!

March and April Short Fiction

Here’s the data I have on POC short fiction published in magazines in March and April 2009:



Once again, if I’ve missed some stories, please let me know in the comments or by sending an email to the Gmail address: theangryblackwoman+pocfic. Also check out the list we posted last week as I’ve added some new stories. This week I’ll finish up 2009 magazines and next week I’ll post fiction found in anthologies.

Magazines and Editors Who Want More Diversity in Their Slushpiles

As I continue posting lists of POC short fiction, you may start to notice a trend in the markets you see attached to the stories. The same ones come up more than once while others never appear at all. Sometimes that’s due to the editor/s, but often it’s also due to writers not sending their stories to particular markets.

As a writer I can be a bit picky about which markets I’ll submit to and which I won’t. I have a list in my head of places I feel aren’t worth my time or postage because the editor doesn’t seem interested in fiction with a POC perspective at all. But markets change, editors change (or move on, allowing for new editors), and sometimes editors actually want to publish more POC but just aren’t getting a lot of submissions from them.

Last year I make a list of magazines I knew wanted more diversity and asked editors to let me know if they wanted their markets added to the list. Here it is again (minus those markets that no longer exist):


  • Delia Sherman

Editors, if you want your market or name added to the list, say so in comments.

Hopefully this list will be useful to readers as well. It’s not always easy to know which magazines are more likely to have stories written by POC or even including POC characters. This is a good place to start.