Native American comic art

Comic Art Indigene
March 6, 2009 to May 31, 2009
National Museum of the American Indian, on the National Mall, Washington, DC

Storytelling has long been a part of Native American culture. Comic Art Indigene examines how storytelling has been used through comics and comic-inspired art to express the contemporary Native American experience. Under the larger definition of narrative art, comic art is more related to Native American art traditions than one might expect.

Speak like a subaltern: Elizabeth Bear on writing the other

Writer Elizabeth Bear on creating characters outside your experience:

For one thing, stop thinking about this person you’re writing as The Other. Think of them as human, an individual. Not A Man. Not A Woman. Not A Chinese Person or A Handicapped Person or A Person With Cancer or a Queer Person. A person. Stop trying to make them universal, and make them unique.

Edited to add:

For more, deepad continues the discussion, here:

I distrust universalising statements proclaiming our inherent mutual humanity because they are uni-directional; they do not make everyone more like me, they make everyone more like you.