SPACE BUNNY: The sexy, fabulist, hybrid world of Cecilia Tan

Photo by Seshu Badrinath

article by Claire Light in Hyphen: Asian America Unabridged


Telepathic lovers attend a bondage play party at a gothic mansion. The scion of space colonists dives for orgasm pearls which give her history lessons. A spaceport convict receives training in sexual submission. These and other fictograms are brought to you by the fantastic and freaky imagination of Cecilia Tan, an embodiment and observer of intersections. Her current favorite is between science fiction and bondage/domination erotica, two great tastes that taste so great together that she founded Circlet Press to publish such confections. Just over a decade old, Circlet Press has established a small but permanent niche in the ever widening, and ever more reputable, publishing field of erotica.