Read 1st chapter of S.P. Somtow’s series The Dragonstones online

“Sometimes you’ll believe me, and sometimes you’ll say it can’t be so; but stay with me. Every event in the world has at least two explanations: one that is fact, and one that is the truth.”

— from S.P. Somtow’s novel Jade

Writer S.P. Somtow, winner of the World Fantasy Award, has made the first chapter of his fantasy novel Jade available to read online. Jade is the first novel in S.P. Somtow’s new fantasy series The Dragonstones, set in the intersection between the worlds of Harry Potter and Bangkok 8.

From the website for The Dragonstones: Somtow has been absent from publishing for about seven years. His seven-year writer’s block has not exactly been uncreative — he’s composed and had produced three operas and many other major musical works. His fiction block broke last year with An Alien Heresy, which recently appeared in Asimov’s.

Somtow says, Despite public readings of The Dragonstones being rapturously received, (my) big trilogy hasn’t yet found a publisher. If you like what you’ve read, don’t hesitate to lobby your favorite fantasy publisher!

Read the opening chapter of Jade.

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