CBS Bay Area Wiki Party!

Hi all CBS members and wannabe members in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Please join us for our first ever CBS Wiki Party this Wednesday, March 2. Info is below. Please RSVP via Facebook, or in comments below. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

— Claire

Wednesday, March 2 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Mission Creek Cafe
968 Valencia St (between 21st St & Liberty St)
San Francisco, CA

WHO: All members of the Carl Brandon Society (or folks who are interested in becoming members) who are in the San Francisco Bay Area at the time.

WHAT: Let’s hang out and fill in some of the articles on CBS’s wiki!

1. Bring your laptop! (There IS wifi at Mission Creek!)
2. Bring information (this can be in your head or you can find it on the internet) about a writer of color (or an sf work by a writer of color or an sf work that deals with race and ethnicity) that you can put into a wiki article.
3. Bring your checkbook (you can sign up for or renew your membership here!)
4. Bring your squee (because why meet up with other fans if you don’t?)

1. CBS’s wiki could be a great resource but we need to start filling it in. It’ll be much more fun if we do it together!
2. The Bay Area’s fen of color and allies really need to start getting together on a regular basis.
3. Fogcon will be happening the following weekend, so let’s get revved up for it!
4. Squeeeeeeeeee!!!
5. Do we really need a reason?