Non-Profit Status Update

This is an explanation for why the Carl Brandon society does not currently have tax exempt status through the IRS:

Due to a misunderstanding between board members in the wake of a personnel transition, we did not ensure that our tax returns were filed properly for 2012 – 2014. (It is worth noting that tax returns for organizations as small as the Carl Brandon Society are done via a form called the e-postcard, which requires only basic information, and does not require any degree of complex accounting).

We discovered the oversight when the IRS administratively revoked our non-profit status and provided instructions to us on how to be reinstated. We have spent the time since then working toward reinstatement and taking steps to assure that this does not happen again. These steps include, but are not limited to: (1) doing a complete examination of our fiscal practices and financial controls, (2) getting a new treasurer with significant non-profit experience, as well as a legal background and experience tracking and analyzing financial records, and (3) doing a complete review of our bookkeeping and financial records for all the affected years. We are about to file detailed tax returns for the years in question along with an application for reinstatement as a non profit charitable organization. We expect to be reinstated without difficulty as soon as our paperwork is reviewed by the IRS. Charitable donations made during this time will be covered by that application.

The Carl Brandon Society Steering Committee apologizes to everyone concerned for not resolving this issue in a more timely manner. Though the revocation happened in 2013, it was retroactive to the date covered by the missed filing. The reinstatement, likewise, will be retroactive to the same date.

Since becoming aware of the revocation, Carl Brandon Society has been investing substantial effort and resources in doing a thorough review of all of the Society’s financial records for the affected years, in order to make sure that the tax returns are precise, thorough, and free of error. Though this process has not been a fast one, we feel that this is the best way to ensure that the reinstatement goes smoothly.

We expect to file the tax returns in the very near future. When we do, we will post an update on our website. We will continue to use the website to keep the community informed as we pass each milestone in the reinstatement process.

-The Carl Brandon Society Steering Committee