Black History Month Reading List 2009

Black History Month Reading List (2009)

THE CARL BRANDON SOCIETY recommends the following books of speculative fiction by writers of African descent for Black History Month:

DARK MATTER: A CENTURY OF SPECULATIVE FICTION FROM THE AFRICAN DIASPORA (Sheree R. Thomas, ed.): I think it’s an important book because it shows that people of color were indeed represented in the speculative literature world back in the day, something I frankly didn’t realize until I read the book. I’m sure even, maybe especially now, the book will do the same for many others

SLY MONGOOSE Tobias S. Buckell: Fourteen-year-old Timas lives in a domed city that floats above the acidic clouds of the Venus-like planet Chilo. To make a living Timas is lowered to the surface in an armored suit to scavenge what he can in the unbearable pressure of Chilo’s dangerous surface, where he’ll learn a secret that may offer hope to a planet about to be invaded.

FLEDGLING Octavia E. Butler: A different take on the vampire novel.

THE GOOD HOUSE Tananarive Due: The story of a house, magic, and pure terror. I loved every scary moment of reading this book

MIDNIGHT ROBBER Nalo Hopkinson: Caribbean folk in space, coming of age, magnificent aliens, how ‘reality’ becomes folk tales. Magnificent.

THE SHADOW SPEAKER Nnedi Okorafor: When fifteen-year old Ejii witnesses her father’s beheading, her world shatters. In an era of mind-blowing technology and seductive magic, Ejii embarks on a mystical journey to track down her father’s killer. With a newfound friend by her side, Ejii comes face to face with an earth turned inside out — and with her own magical powers. WAS ON 2008’S LIST.

THE ICARUS GIRL Helen Oyeyemi: The first book by a talented new author. Set in England and Nigeria, this the tale of magic gone wrong and twisted around an unsuspecting child.

WIND FOLLOWER Carole McDonnell: Loic, the son of the wealthy headman of the Doreni clan, falls in love at first sight with Satha, the impoverished but proud daughter of his father’s old Theseni friend. Loic requests an immediate marriage and Satha’s parents agree, but for Satha, passion takes longer to ignite, and Loic’s father’s jealous third wife plots to destroy their happiness. The two must reaffirm their faith in each other and the Creator God to find their way through their troubles.

SONG OF SOLOMON Toni Morrison: A novel of southern-fried magical realism that rivals anything our esteemed neighbors in the Southern Hemisphere have produced.

FILTER HOUSE Nisi Shawl: A long-awaited collection of short stories by a Carl Brandon Society founder. Shawl’s roots in African American community of the Great Lakes area, and her commitment to using speculative fiction to decode power relationships and uncover magic come through loud and clear in this wonderful book