IMAGINE: Toronto, Canada multicultural SF/F contest for kids

Press Release: NEW!!

February 26, 2009

IMAGINE Launches Poster Art Contest for grade 5 students!
In response to demand from Toronto school students, Visions of Science Network for Learning (VoSNL) is expanding the IMAGINE multicultural Sci-fi/fantasy Poster Art Contest to include grade 5 students.

The IMAGINE Multicultural Sci-fi/fantasy Contest series consists of short story competitions for students in grades 6-12, and a Poster Art Contest for kids from grades 7-9. Executive Director of VoSNL, Francis Jeffers, says the addition of a competition for grade 5 students is one more step in the process of making the competition a world-wide event.

Coordinator of the contest series, Nicole Georges, explains the decision to expand the contest is based on requests from students, parents and teachers. “Every year since the contest debuted in 2006, we’ve had kids from grades 4 and 5 asking to participate, too. So we’re thrilled to finally be able to have them enter the contest and show off their creativity.”

The prize for the winning student of the grade 5 IMAGINE Poster Art Contest will be a supply of Kisko Freezies for his or her class, compliments of Kisko Freezies Inc.

The theme of the grade 5 IMAGINE Poster Art contest is “The Food Chain or Life Cycle on an alien planet.” Young artists should be able to draw the food chain of a planet, incorporating plant, animal or even mechanical or electronic life forms.

The IMAGINE Contest series is sponsored by the Jamaica National Building Society, Kisko Freezies, 3M Canada, The National Film Board of Canada, Bakka Phoenix Science Fiction and Fantasy Bookstore, and the Silver Snail Comic book store.

For rules and information on all competitions in the IMAGINE series, visit the IMAGINE website.