First Order of Business: May, June & July Short Fiction

Thanks to the Carl Brandon Society for having me as a guest blogger this month! I’m very excited about contributing and will hopefully institute a few regular features. The first one I’ve already talked about a bit on my other blog, The Angry Black Woman — each month we’re going to list the short fiction that’s been published by POC in magazines and anthologies. Part of the CBS mission is to bring attention to our fiction and I’m happy to facilitate that. Plus, I like having a handy reading list each month of stories I’m likely to be interested in.

Since it’s already July I’m going to spend the month playing catch up. So for today here are all the short stories published by POC in magazines in May, June and July that I know about. Want to be included in this or future lists? Check out the verbiage below the stories.

May 2009

June 2009

July 2009

Should your story be on this list? If it was published anytime in 2009, then: yes. Please let me know! I’m also going to add stories to the Carl Brandon wiki and I don’t want to miss any. If you’re a POC author and had a spec fic story published in a magazine or anthology, be it online or print, in 2009, please fill out this form.

Editors are welcome to alert me of stories I missed as well. I hope that editors and authors will give me a heads up every month!

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